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It seems like USB decrapification is really becoming a thing these days. Of course, other people call it different things, but let’s face it: Wyrd was the first device to combine both a low-noise, linear power supply and USB hub chip (or “regeneration,” if you want to be fancy) with a precision crystal oscillator. What does all this tech talk do for you? Simple. It can solve some sticky USB audio problems.

The Cure for Noise and Glitches
Have you ever heard strange noises from your USB DAC? Or have you had it “drop out” after the computer goes to sleep? Or does your computer have trouble recognizing your DAC at all? It could be due to noisy USB power, or USB port power management. Wyrd has you covered—Wyrd is the only USB decrapifier that includes a linear power supply (not a noisy switcher) and precision 2.5uV LM723 regulators with discrete pass elements for up to 200,000x less noise than what comes out of your USB port, up to 500mA—the full USB 2.0 spec.
Improves Sound, Color Printing, Data Stability
Yes. Some listeners say Wyrd improves the sound of their system. We won’t make any such claim to sonic nirvana—sorry, creating expectation bias and neuro-lingustic programming ain’t something that we do. Sonic improvements are for you to decide. The rest of it—color printing and data stability—that’s like saying charging your iPhone off Wyrd makes the battery last longer. Have fun with that one.
Works With Any USB DAC
Wyrd isn’t limited to working with Schiit products. You can use it with any USB DAC—2.0, 1.0, 32/384, DSD1024, whatever—it doesn’t care. All it’s doing is cleaning up the USB connection, and it supports all USB Audio Standards.
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