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Nguồn điện: 230VAC

Unboxing Schiit Modi 3

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The Modi twins are two tiny DACs that really deliver. Whether you want better sound from your computer, your tablet, your CD player, or many other sources, Modi 3 delivers. Or, choose Modi Multibit—the most affordable member of the Schiit Multibit DAC family.

Modi 3: All The DAC You Need
Plug Modi 3 into any virtually any computer with the included USB to micro cable and you’re ready to go. Or, choose and optical or coaxial digital source with the included wall power supply. Or connect to your phones and tablets that need a low-power-draw device, again using the wall power supply. That’s right—Modi 3 accepts pretty much any input you can throw at it! Featuring the AK4490 DAC and DC-coupled output, Modi 3 delivers great sound far above its price.

Modi Multibit: The Most Affordable True Multibit DAC
Modi Multibit is the most affordable multibit DAC with a modern architecture—from any manufacturer, from any country in the world. Featuring Schiit’s unique digital filter, and using the same Analog Devices AD5547 multibit DAC as Bifrost, Modi Multibit smashes the high-price barrier in multibit DACs. Like Modi 3, Modi Multibit accepts USB, optical, and coaxial digital inputs.

Need Volume Control? No Problem.
If you’re using headphones, just add a Magni for adjustable volume via its preamp outputs. No headphones? Just add a SYS Passive Preamp for analog volume control.

Designed and Assembled in USA
By “designed and assembled in USA” this is what we mean: the vast majority of the total production cost of Modi 3—chassis, boards, transformers, assembly, etc—goes to US companies manufacturing in the US. Our chassis are made minutes from our facility. Our PCBs are done just over the hill from us, or done in NorCal. Yes, the wall-warts are made in China, but there’s some give and take at this price point.

Thông số kỹ thuật


Inputs USB, Toslink SPDIF, Coaxial SPDIF
Sample Rates and Bit Depths 16/44.1 to 24/192 via USB, Coax, and Optical
Input Receiver
  • USB: C-Media CM6631A
  • SPDIF: AKM 4113
Input Receiver
  • USB: C-Media CM6631A
  • SPDIF: AKM 4113
D/A Conversion
  • Modi 3: AKM AK4490
  • Modi Multibit: Analog Devices AD5547
Analog Summing, Active Filtering:
  • Modi 3: Based on OPA1662 with precision thin-film resistors, DC coupled
  • Modi Multibit: Based on AD8512 with precision thin-film resistors, DC-coupled with DC servo
Output RCA (single-ended)
Output Impedance 75 ohms
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz, +/-0.25dB
Maximum Output 2.0V RMS
  • Modi 3: <0.001%, 20Hz-20KHz, at max output
  • Modi Multibit: <0.006%, 20Hz-20KHz, at max output
  • Modi 3: <0.001%, CCIR
  • Modi Multibit: <0.007%, 20Hz-20KHz, CCIR S/N: >104dB, referenced to 1.5VRMS, unweighted
Crosstalk -80dB, 20-20kHz
Power Supply
  • Modi 3: USB powered with +/-5V switching rail generator; auxiliary USB power input for 0mA USB power draw devices (like phones and tablets)
  • Modi Multibit: Included 16VAC wall-wart with 100% linear power supply