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The Sultan ascends to the flagship line of in ear monitors crafted by the Wizard. Featuring tight yet extended bass by use of a 10mm dynamic driver. Detailed mids with the use of four Knowles balanced armature drivers and beautiful non-fatiguing high frequencies rendered by dual electrostatic super tweeters all encased in a bespoke CNC aluminium body with unique hand finished faceplate.

The Sultan’s CNC’d aluminum housing incorporates a handcrafted acrylic faceplate, wax screen, ergonomic design, and industry standard 2-pin sockets (0.78mm).  The new Sultan of Sound features all new packaging, which includes a Nanuk 903 case (arguably the best impact case produced).  The Sultan’s sound signature is sublime and appeals to many in the audiophile world, with excellent bass extension without being overwhelming, superb mids, and non-fatiguing but detailed highs. The Sultan comes with Noble’s excellent 8-core OCC copper cable with the option of a 3.5mm, 2.5mm, or 4.4mm termination.

While the Sultan’s standard faceplate color is brown, Noble also offers custom faceplates for those individuals that wish to brown something truly unique. Most custom faceplate are an additional $200, which you will pay when you check out. However, in some cases where the faceplates are made of precious materials, or are difficult to work with (such as metal, stone, or bone) there will be additional charges. Additionally, there is a blue variant of the Sultan that is sold exclusively through Noble’s distributor in Hong Kong. Please contact us for additional information. Note that ordering custom faceplates can delay shipping by 3-4 weeks, depending on the faceplates ordered.

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