Noble M3

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  • 10mm dynamic bass driver;
  • ABM driver for mids and highs;
  • ergonomic design that "locks" into most ears and sits flush with the ear;
  • beautiful hand crafted face plates;
  • Noble's luxurious and supple 8 core OCC cable with premium terrminations, 3.5mm plug and 0.78mm pins.

Thông tin chi tiết

Noble M3 is a new hybrid IEM that utilizes a 10mm dynamic driver for bass and a new type of driver that has never been used before in a a commercially available headphone. Noble calls the new driver an Active Balanced Membrane driver (“ABM driver”). Basically, a magnetic membrane “levitates” between two magnets in a static state, and electrical currents cause the membrane to move (see attached diagrams). Since the membrane itself is actively moving, without a voice coil, response and detail are greatly improved as compared to a dynamic driver. The dynamic range is greater than any single BA driver, and conversion of signal to sound is direct, rather than indirect (as found in a BA driver).

Noble M3 is hand built by the Wizard and each M3 will bear the Wizard signature. Every piece crafted is unique.

Noble M3

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